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When to Call a Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

Slip-and-fall accidents are known for resulting in devastating injuries. Individuals who have been injured in a slip-and-fall have reported traumatic brain damage, broken and fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, neck injuries, and other severe injuries. 

If you’ve been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you may have the option of pursuing a premises liability claim depending on the circumstances of your case. Continue reading to learn more about when you and your Columbus personal injury lawyer might pursue a slip-and-fall claim and who might be found liable for the injuries you sustained. 

How to Know Whether You Have Grounds For a Civil Claim

At first glance, you might assume the injuries you suffered were accidental. That very well may be the case. However, there is a difference between an innocent accident and negligence. 

In order for a slip-and-fall claim to be successful, your premises liability lawyer must prove the accused party had an obligation to you (the victim) and their negligent actions caused the fall and your resulting injuries. 

When you’re sitting at home, going over what happened, wondering whether you should contact a lawyer to discuss your case, consider these two questions:

  • Has my life been seriously impacted by the accident?
  • Could someone else be responsible for my slip-and-fall?

If the answer to both questions is “Yes,” then you need to get on the phone and call an attorney to discuss the possibility of a civil claim. Only after having examined the details of your case will your lawyer be able to determine whether your slip-and-fall case has merit. 

Who Is Liable for Your Slip-and-Fall injuries?

Once you move forward with your case, one of the top priorities of your lawyer will be to figure out who is responsible for causing your slip-and-fall. 

For premises liability cases like these, the owner of the property where the fall occurred is almost always the at-fault party. This is because property owners have an obligation to ensure their premises are safe for all invited guests and patrons.

For example, if your favorite coffee shop didn’t put up a wet floor sign, warning the public of the hazard, or clean up the spill in a timely manner and someone was injured, the owner of the coffee shop would likely be found liable for your injuries.

It should be noted this only applies to people who have the right to be on the premises. People who are committing a crime or trespassing at the time of their fall may not be entitled to compensation from the property owner. 

Contact an Experienced Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident and aren’t sure where to turn for help, reach out to a qualified personal injury lawyer at Rafidi, Pallante & Melewski LLC. 

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