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Dublin OH Car Accident Lawyer

Hurt in a Dublin OH car accident? Get compensated with guidance from a car accident lawyer.

After a serious car accident, it’s not easy to get back to normal. Car accidents are dangerous and can turn deadly fast. Worse, the at-fault party may be unwilling to cover the costs of your injuries. 

That’s where a lawyer from Rafidi, Pallante & Melewski LLC can help you. If a careless driver or other party injured you, your Dublin OH car accident lawyer can represent you during a personal injury lawsuit and help you get fairly compensated.

Dublin OH Car Accident Injuries Can Be Dangerous 

After a car accident, overcoming your injuries alone can be difficult. Even if you feel fine after the car accident, mental trauma and delayed injuries can impact your physical and mental state, making it tough to focus on your claim.

Unfortunately, you may have trouble getting compensated for your injuries because of those injuries. Your time and energy may be focused on recovering, and you may be unable to drive or handle certain tasks after your car accident. Because of this, you may need a car accident lawyer’s help to recover from your injuries. 

If you’ve suffered any of these injuries and others in a Dublin OH car accident, reach out to a lawyer for help seeking compensation: 

  • Brain trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Whiplash 
  • Burn injuries 
  • Broken bones

Who’s at Fault for a Dublin OH Car Accident? 

Before you file a car accident lawsuit, one of your first questions may be, “Who’s responsible for my suffering?” Because Ohio is a fault state, you’ll need to determine who’s at fault to identify the defendant for your lawsuit. 

Often, fault lies on the driver who was driving distracted, sleepy, or drunk. But it’s not always easy to pinpoint the at-fault party. For example, you may have been in a single-car accident. In these cases, your car accident lawyer can determine the cause of your accident, such as a defective car part, and help you seek compensation from the at-fault party. 

Compensation for Dublin OH Car Accident Victims

When you’re hurt in a car accident, you also need to know what compensation you’re due for your accident. This compensation may include more than your economic damages, or the financial losses you suffered because of the accident. 

You may also be entitled to compensation for your intangible, non-economic damages you’ve suffered. Unlike your economic damages like car repairs and medical bills, your non-economic damages include damages like pain and suffering and may require special calculators to determine their value. Luckily, your lawyer can help you find their value. 

Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer in Dublin OH 

If you were injured in a Dublin OH car accident, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. At Rafidi, Pallante & Melewski LLC, we’re prepared to fight for your compensation. Filing your claim with a Dublin OH car accident lawyer gives you access to the tools you need for success. Take advantage of your free consultation by calling 1-866-494-5387 or by completing the online contact form below.